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Design and Installation

SL Installation

Instead of dragging water hoses and sprinklers around the yard all summer, Solujan Lawn Sprinklers Ltd. can design and install an irrigation system to keep all your plants and flowers beautiful.  We do full irrigation planning, sprinkler design, and control box installation.

Since every yard is different, Solujan Lawn Sprinklers Ltd. will custom-design and install your new sprinkler system to give you the most efficient, cost effective system possible to best suite your needs. We will utilize head to head coverage and install a rain sensor to optimize your water usage.

A properly installed and maintained system will save you time and money. Hand watering is not efficient, your yard & landscaping suffer because of inconsistent watering, and you waste water by over watering and run off. We use contractor grade material, installed by well trained, knowledgeable technicians, with your satisfaction as our goal. A sprinkler system is a great investment you can make for yourself and your home.

Start-up, Repair and Up-Grade

SL Service1

Solujan Lawn Sprinklers Ltd. is a full service irrigation company and we can start up your sprinkler system, repair all brands of lawn sprinklers and provide upgrades to existing systems quickly and properly. Our experienced service technicians are well-trained, and our service trucks are equipped with the latest troubleshooting equipment which allows us to quickly diagnose, troubleshoot, and properly repair all brands of sprinkler systems.

Above and beyond the start up and winterization of your sprinkler system, Solujan Lawn Sprinklers Ltd. offers annual Service Packages to allow us to check your system throughout the hottest months and growing season.

The benefits of having regular sprinkler maintenance for your lawn include:

  • Adjust all rotating and spray heads to ensure efficient watering and maximum coverage.
  • Inspect all heads, nozzles, risers, and wires for damage and wear.
  • Program timer for proper watering schedule.
  • Reset timer for watering duration according to season, new sod/landscaping, and time changes.
  • Inspect rain sensor for proper function.
  • Make sure all solenoid valves are operating properly.
  • Inspect entire property for leaks or potential problems.


SL Winterization

Towards the end of September, Solujan Lawn Sprinklers Ltd. begins the task of winterizing irrigation systems. Irrigation system winterization needs to be performed before the temperatures start to drop below freezing so that water inside the system does not freeze and cause damage, requiring some or all of the irrigation system to be repaired or replaced.  Utilizing the “blow out” method, we will use a specialized air compressor to push all the water from the irrigation lines, sprinkler heads, and valves to ensure the system is free from moisture.

Trenching and Directional Drilling

SL Trenching

Coming Soon ...

SL Directional Drilling
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